Little Enhancement Nuggets in ShopSite v12 sp3

Yes, there were some big enhancements in ShopSite’s recent version 12 service pack 3 (sp3) release.  You have updates to the latest APIs/interfaces from Braintree, Worldpay, Pay with Amazon, and PayPal Credit.  You also have seven new responsive store themes for your shoppers on mobile devices and tablets.  But what about those less touted enhancements that for some merchants are more important than the big stuff?

Well, I’m here to give you the details starting with Product Review Comments.  ShopSite Pro’s Product Reviews are a wonderful thing.  They allow shoppers to see what others like or dislike about a product and they help with SEO ranking.  For the integrity of a review, the merchant is not allowed to modify what the shopper has entered.  But sometimes you want to clarify something the shopper has said.  Or, sometimes the shopper asks a question on the review and you’d like to be able to answer it.  Now you can!

In the merchant interface, you can select any review to respond to.  In the example below we answered a question that was part of the shoppers review:


Merchant Review Comment

There are also a few more review enhancements.  Have you ever wanted to immediately see what the reminder email to complete a review looks like?  In the past you’d need to place a test order then wait the appropriate time period that you had set up to see the email.  Now, under the review config screen you just need to press a button!


Test Review Reminder Email

You’ll also note in the config above that you now have the option to not include the product image in the reminder email.  We had a few requests to add that ability.

And one last improvement to Reviews is in Other Information section of the Manage an Order screen.  You can cancel sending a review reminder, send one immediately, and if an email has already been sent, there will be an option to resend the review reminder email:


Manage an Order (Other Information section)

Small but nifty enhancements to ShopSite Pro’s Product Review feature in v12 sp3.

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