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USPS Ending Support for Rate V3 API

On September 28, 2014 the United States Postal Service will end support of their Rate V3 API.  This was the interface used by ShopSite and other shopping carts to get real-time shipping rates from USPS.  Fortunately the V3 API has been replaced with V4 and your store will continue to work if you are using this […]

Canada Post in ShopSite v12

Beginning with ShopSite version 12, Canadian merchants can now offer their shoppers real-time shipping quotes from Canada Post.  The same seamless integration that US merchants already experience with USPS and other shippers is now available with Canada Post.  And, if you are interested in setting up Canada Post, they have a special $100 promotion going […]

Free Shipping Coupons

Since free shipping is attained through a coupon it can take advantage of the same features as other coupons, such as limiting which products qualify as well as setting an expiration date.

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