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Top 5 eCommerce Posts for August

5 Most Common Website Mistakes: Which Ones Are You Making? – But at the center of it all sits your website. If you get that bit wrong then it’s going to take a lot of effort to get the results you want. 10 Content Writing Tips That Will Help You Find Interesting Topics in […]

Should I Care About Facebook Open Graph Tags?

Recently we had a merchant that was very concerned about adding Facebook Open Graph meta tags to their web pages in order to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)  In researching this I could not find any indication that these tags would improve SEO.  However, if someone shared to Facebook a product from their site, it could […]

Top 5 eCommerce Posts for April

Mobilegeddon: our findings, one week on – Summit Those retailers who have not made an effort to improve their website will likely have seen a drop in mobile-specific rankings Should You Set Up a Facebook Page? 7 Things to Consider – Social Times If any of these answers is not an enthusiastic yes, then your answer is […]

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