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New Features in ShopSite 14 sp2 – part I

Service Pack 2 (sp2) for ShopSite version 14 was recently released.  It has a number of big feature additions such as PayPal Commerce Platform and more support for international character sets via UTF-8.  For this post, I’d like to talk about a small but potentially significant enhancement for merchants that receive orders outside the US […]

Why Your Store Needs a Database Server

Recently ShopSite released its Enterprise version that works with MySQL and MariaDB database servers.  I’d like to address what type of eCommerce sites would benefit from this product. The short answers are stores that: Need more performance Have developers with MySQL expertise Need Database Server reliability Need additional features Let’s examine each of these reasons. […]

Are my Intermittent UPS problems because of TLS 1.0?

UPS has said that in preparation to their December 31, 2017 upgrade to the secure communication protocol TLS 1.1 that they will be periodically switching off and on TLS 1.0.  This means that programs that do not support TLS 1.1 could have intermittent connectivity problems communicating with UPS servers. Here’s what they have said on […]

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