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Will Your Orders Stop on May 31, 2016?

Originally, UPS said they will require a more secure protocol (TLS 1.2) to get rate quotes by the end of May 2016, now they are pushing that back to December 31, 2017.  June 17* is when PayPal plans to require TLS 1.2 for submitting payment information. Other vendors have announced their intentions to require the newer protocol. What […]

New ShopSite Release – v12 service pack 2

We’ve put out a new release – v12 sp2 (service pack 2).  Let’s briefly discuss some of the new features. TLS V1.2 – You may have no idea what this means but it is an important protocol for securely communicating between programs and servers.  Earlier versions of TLS are no longer considered secure enough so […]

Abandoned Carts – Just like Eating at a Diner

Imagine you owned a diner.  It served good food at a reasonable price.  It had a pleasant modern decor and your menus were well laid out with photos of each dish.   Now imagine that over half of the people that enter your diner sit down, peruse the menu, express interest in some of the […]

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