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How to have Google Chrome Recognize your Store as Secure

In July Google Chrome Browers began indicating that web pages that are not served up via HTTPS are not secure.  Prior to July, you had a little info icon in the URL/Search box that you could click on to get more information: Now the not secure is spelled out: And in October it will be […]

How to Create a Privacy Policy for GDPR

Even if you haven’t heard of GDPR you have seen it’s effect via the bombardment of emails from vendors stating they have updated their privacy policy or the banners/pop-ups you need to click on before you visit a site indicating you accept cookies and their privacy policy!  I’m not going to review what GDPR is […]

What is TLS and How Does It Affect My Customers?

PayPal, like many payment vendors, is “updating its services to require TLS 1.2 for all HTTPS connections.” Even non-payment vendors such as UPS are making the switchover. What is TLS, does it affect me and my customers,  and who/what is driving this change?     What is TLS? Most of us understand to look for […]

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