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Should I Care About Facebook Open Graph Tags?

Recently we had a merchant that was very concerned about adding Facebook Open Graph meta tags to their web pages in order to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO.)  In researching this I could not find any indication that these tags would improve SEO.  However, if someone shared to Facebook a product from their site, it could […]

Is It Time For A Google+ Page?

Recently, Google decided it was time to open up Google+ to business pages.  So, is it time to create and maintain a Google+ business page similar to what you are now doing with your Facebook Fan page? In October, Google+ crossed 40 million users.  While that is a large number, it is much less than […]

Why Use Facebook Connect?

Users with Facebook accounts can use Facebook Connect on many sites as an alternative to the site’s normal sign-in method.  In the case of ShopSite Pro v11, shoppers can use Facebook Connect to create their Customer Registration account and sign in to Customer Registration instead of ShopSite’s default Customer Registration sign-up and sign-in processes. Some […]

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