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When To Not Use Responsive Design for Mobile

Responsive Design is all the rage and in many cases it is the best way to support all the different sized devices out there from smartphones to iPads to Laptop computers.  With a responsive designed website what the visitor sees will automatically be resized and the images, navigation, features will be modified based upon the screen dimensions.  Sounds […]

Mobile specific sites vs Responsive Design

Since 2011 ShopSite has supported shoppers using mobile phones.  With version 12, ShopSite added responsive design in a number of our new themes and now the older mobile method is no longer needed.  What is Responsive Design, why the switch to it, and why wasn’t responsive design supported from the beginning back in 2011? To […]

Mobile for the Merchant

Now, with smartphones, there is even more functionality available to the merchant. Ideally, your shopping cart software will detect that you are on a mobile browser and change the view that it presents to you.

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