UPS May Stop Working on August 5th

Starting August 5th (new date), UPS will mandate OAUTH 2.0 authentication to obtain real-time shipping quotes through its APIs. ShopSite v15 now includes this support. If your system runs on ShopSite v14 or an older version and utilizes ShopSite’s UPS integration, an upgrade to v15 is necessary to ensure uninterrupted UPS functionality in your store beyond August 5th.

Here is the official announcement from UPS:

UPDATE: The original UPS deadline was June 3rd. They have since moved it to August 5th.

Activating OAUTH 2.0

In ShopSite 15 the warning will look like this:

To enable OAUTH 2.0 with UPS, go to Commerce > Shipping and select the Configure UPS button.  On this screen, you will see:

Click the Connect button and follow the prompts to sign in to your UPS account to authenticate with OAUTH 2.0.  That’s it!  You are now using their latest APIs and authentication and will not have any interruption after August 5th, 2024.

UPS real-time rate integration is only available in ShopSite Enterprise, Pro, and Manager stores. Starter and Express stores do not have this feature and are unaffected by OAUTH 2.0.


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