Top 5 eCommerce Posts for March

How to Encourage Account Signup and Still Close the Sale – PracticalEcommerce
First, you have to make it easy on the shopper — so easy that it doesn’t feel like an intrusion. Second, he needs a valid reason to register.

10 Ways to Deal with Negative Customer Reviews – Web Marketing Today
While no one wants to get negative reviews, they sometimes happen. Here are ten ways to deal with them should they occur.

ShopSite Version 12 SP1 – A Must Have Upgrade – Lexiconn
Included in 12 SP1 are a few undocumented features and functions that we think are important to mention…


How to set up Facebook Login for Shoppers – ShopSite, Inc.
ShopSite has produced a number of video tutorials for stepping you through the many features available to your store.

ShopSite v12 SP1 r3 released for FreeBSD and Linux – ShopSite, Inc.
This is the first release of v12 SP1 on FreeBSD.

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