Top eCommerce Posts for May

Four Tips for Understanding Your Target Audience – Inc.
How can you plan your next big email marketing campaign or social media push if you don’t understand who you want to reach?

Working From Home for the Long Haul? Get the Ergonomics Right – The Wall Street Journal
Improving your work setup doesn’t require an $800 adjustable office chair. Here, Mr. Cinkay offers some simple solutions to properly position your desk, chair, monitor and phone.

How to Launch a Profitable Startup – 5-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs – Growth Hackers
Launching a startup is easy. Keeping that startup alive and running, by also accumulating income, is one of the most difficult things you will go through as an entrepreneur.

How to List Your Products on Google for Free – ShopSite, Inc.
At the end of April Google began to again offer free (as well as paid) product listings. We’ll walk you through getting your products listed on Google.

8 Easiest Ways to Uncover Content Ideas for Any Niche – Growth Hackers
Truth be told, there is no such thing as running out of content ideas for any niche. Topic ideas are everywhere and it only takes a good look around before you can find a Eureka moment.

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