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Did you know that Google Product Search is the #1 comparison shopping site?  It is free to use and may even help your search engine ranking.  Long ago, Google Product Search was originally called Froogle.  If you go to now, you are redirected to Google Product search.  As is typical of Google, the site still says it is in beta (maybe that’s why the service is free!) redirects to the still in beta Google Product Search



You may be saying to yourself that even if it is the #1 comparison shopping site, how many shoppers are really going to type in the old or the new URL?  Well, Google did not get to be #1 by relying on shoppers going to either of those URLs.  For example, if you go to and search for something, the results will also have a “Shopping” link on the left that, when clicked, takes you to the Google Product Search results.


Shopping link takes you to Google Product Search results


But Google does not stop there.  Go to and type “buy ipad 2 case” and you’ll get the normal search results plus a set of results from Google Product Search!


Set of Google Product Search results

Apparently, the word “buy” tells Google you may be interested in results from its product search.  Clicking the “Shopping results for buy ipad 2 case” link above the images takes you straight to all the results from Google Product Search.


Google Product Search Results

So, one way or another Google can easily get shoppers to its product search engine.  This is why it is so important to have your products listed there.  Next time, we’ll discuss how ShopSite makes it easy to submit your products to Google Product Search.



  1. Marno says:


    I would like to find out what is the procedure to get our product listed on google product search. Or how can we advertise there. We have a Purchase Order app and we would like it to be listed there


  2. David Hills says:

    ShopSite can upload your products into what is now called Google Shopping. Sounds like you need information on setting up an account with Google. Try this link for more information:

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