Top 4 eCommerce Posts for October

What is Personal Online Reputation Management and How to Do it Right – Growth Hackers
If you need personal online reputation management, don’t panic! You can take steps to repair your image and protect your good name.

How to Create Company Values That Actually Resonate – HBR
Core values cannot deliver on their promise — defining company culture and guiding workers’ decisions — if nobody remembers them.

Taylor Swift Just Did Something Incredibly Simple, Yet It’s a Powerful Example of Emotional Intelligence – Inc.
Unfortunately, at times, we all do the same thing. We talk to the people we’re supposed to talk to. We recognize the people we’re supposed to recognize. We mesh with the cogs in the machine we’re expected to mesh with, even though every cog is important.

6 Things Successful People do Before 9 a.m. – Entrepreneur
What do successful people do differently? For one thing, they typically wake up very early.

Top 3 eCommerce Posts for August

What is Included in a Branding Package – Growth Hackers
Your branding package is the overall perception of your company. Get it right and you’ll easily influence new and existing customers.
3 Ways to See Beyond the Small Steps and Work Toward a Bigger Entrepreneurial Journey – Entrepreneur
As entrepreneurs, it can be easy to get caught up in the minutiae, but we also have to be able to see the bigger picture to achieve future success

Why Customers Leave Platforms — and How to Retain Them – Harvard Business Review
Disintermediation — and the failure to understand and address it — killed once thriving businesses like Borders books, Blockbuster movies, and Tower records.

Top 3 eCommerce Posts for July

The Best Time To Post On Instagram In 2023 – Search Engine Journal
Brands that offer consumer goods tend to see high engagement on Sunday evenings. But the consensus has been that Sunday is generally the worst day to post on Instagram.



4 Ways Startups Can Generate Buzz Before, During, and After Launch – Growth Hackers
How do you get exposure on a limited budget and few connections?

5 Strategies for Getting More Work Done in Less Time – Harvard Business Review
I’ve found that employing even one of these five strategies can save you hours each week.

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