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Add Product Reviews To Your Store

There are only two things I needed to learn about user-generated Product Reviews to sell me on their importance – first,  they increase sales and second, they can increase your ranking in search engines.  We’ve all seen user-generated product reviews; most major sites have them.  You’ll typically see a 1 to 5 star summary followed […]

Place Dynamic Products In Your Blog

If you blog or have a web site where content is not published by ShopSite, then you’ve probably used ShopSite’s OrderAnywhere feature to put order buttons and product info on your site.  With OrderAnywhere, you select in ShopSite the product you want to add to an external site and then ShopSite gives you the HTML […]

ShopSite and Google Product Search

Last time, I discussed the value of having your products listed in Google Product Search.  Now I’d like to show you how easy it is for merchants that are using ShopSite Manager or Pro to submit products to Google Product Search.  If you are using ShopSite Starter, then you only have a few products, so […]

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