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Why ShopSite Traffic Reports has Moved to Google Analytics

ShopSite first integrated with Google Analytics with ShopSite Pro v8.2 back in 2007.  More recently, that functionality was introduced to ShopSite Manager in v10.  Even though ShopSite supported Google Analytics for tracking web site traffic and analysis, ShopSite also had its own limited site traffic reports that a Manager or Pro merchant could use.  Now […]

When to Upgrade

Two weeks ago, Internet Explorer 9 came out I immediately upgraded my copy of IE on my home computer.  This week, Firefox 4 was released and I immediately upgraded my work and home computer.  I like to get the latest software releases, since the new versions have more features, typically run faster, and include bug […]

E-mail Notification of Orders in ShopSite

You might think that the subject line of an order notification e-mail doesn’t matter too much. But, if you thought this to be the case (as I did), you would be wrong… at least according to some merchants.

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